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Revived Thoughts Podcast
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“For over 100 years, countless great sermons haven’t been heard by anyone. And we limit ourselves by choosing only to listen to sermons from today.” Revived Thoughts combines history and theology to engage listeners in a weekly podcast.

Hebrews 4:12 says, “For the word of God is alive and active.” Revived Thoughts podcast is an enlightening reminder that sermons preached hundreds of years ago are still applicable today because God’s word is alive.

Each week, hosts Troy and Joel educate and inform listeners on the history of a well-known speaker before providing a narration of that speaker’s work. The historical backgrounds allow the listener to contextualize the sermon, while gaining a better understanding of who the speaker was. The background and theology of the sermons and speakers range from episode to episode.

In the episode, John Calvin: Passion Of The Christ ,Troy and Joel begin by focusing on Calvin’s younger years before narrating the sermon that many Reformed people might know of, but have never heard. Calvin offers insight at the experience of Jesus on the cross.

Another two-part episode that might spark the interest of someone with a Reformed background would be John Knox—Isaiah 26:13-16, The Chastisement of Jerusalem Part 1 and Part 2. In the introduction for the first episode, Troy and Joel give a short history lesson on this specific sermon and how Knox upset the King of Scotland when he first preached his exegesis on Isaiah 26:13-16 on Aug. 19, 1565. In the second part of this episode, Troy and Joel interview author Douglas Bond to gain a deeper understanding on who Knox was.

Other episodes include sermons by D.L. Moody, Martin Luther, George Whitefield, and more. Most Revived Thoughts episodes are 30-60 minutes long and can be found on most podcast services.

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Kristen Parker is a freelance writer. She has a passion for words and creativity. Kristen and her husband Chris, enjoy board games and thrift shopping. Kristen attended Barrie First CRC her whole life, though she has recently moved to Stratford, Ont. and is attending Stratford CRC.