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One of the reasons why Keith and Kristen Getty’s music has seen such wide acceptance for use in worship is because the tunes are memorable and easy for a congregation to sing, and the texts include solid theology that makes a specific concrete point. Many other modern popular albums of worship music don’t hit the high standard they have set. Songs that work for a rock band sometimes don’t work for a congregation.

Matt Boswell and Matt Papa, two songwriters who work together but live miles apart, understand that. Their songs have a long germination period (often spending months working on a song) and taking the time to get it right shows in the hymns they’ve written. The title track of their new album, “His Mercy is More,” is based on a pastoral letter by John Newton (writer of “Amazing Grace”). They paired it with a melody that is easy to remember and easy to sing but not trite or boring. It can quickly be learned by a congregation and can fit nicely in worship services.

The album has 12 more songs just like it, including a new Christmas hymn, “Come Adore the Humble King.” This album is a joy to listen to and a great source of music for the local church. (Getty Music)

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