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Keith and Kristyn Getty have had a significant impact on the music many churches use in worship. That impact has potentially gotten even bigger as they have begun to host yearly worship conferences that draw thousands of people to celebrate, learn, and be inspired. Sing! Global represents the third album culled from performances at these conferences, and it is just what we have come to expect: songs new and well-known primarily from the Getty catalog performed by the couple along with their top-notch band and an assortment of guests.

A quick glance at the 19 songs shows that most of the songs on the album have been on previous Getty albums. But in every case the arrangements have been reworked either with new instrumentation or guest artists, giving each song new life. While an effort has been made to give Sing! Global a sense of the global reach of the gospel and of modern hymnody, it is still primarily a Getty album, which means it shows the strong influence of the music of Ireland and the United States. Nonetheless, Kristyn Getty’s lilting voice matched with Keith Getty’s arrangements of popular new hymns is a fine listening experience and gives worship leaders more new ideas for congregational songs. (Getty Music)

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