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It’s refreshing to hear an artist declare to the world, “I am okay with who I am.” That declaration seems to sum up Sarah Reeve’s album “Life Love & Madness.” The singer-songwriter signed her first record deal at 18, and her current release at age 31 is her fourth full-length offering. “It was a venture of discovering who I am, learning how to love, and letting all the madness in between become a part of my story,” Reeves said in a release. “It’s beautiful, chaotic, vulnerable, and imperfect; but I wouldn’t have these songs without the experience. I’ve used this album as therapy for what I’m feeling, and I hope it can be therapy for other people.”  Her first single, “Anxious,” is a confession. The chorus says, “I don’t wanna live my life, anxious / I’ve got a lot of good in me to give, but I’m anxious / So many things I know I miss, ‘cause I’m anxious / I wish I could  shake this, I don’t want to be anxious.” The music shouts electropop with pulsating dance elements; it moves! (Curb Records)

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