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Patti Rokus, creator of A Savior is Born: Rocks Tell the Story of Christmas, has produced another remarkable children’s picture book combining her visionary rock sculptures, engaging narrative, and Scripture texts to tell the story of Jesus’ healing and teaching ministry; his death and resurrection; and his ascension into heaven and promised return.

In notes, Rokus explains why she chose this means to tell the biblical story: “Why rocks and pebbles? Well, truth be told, they chose me. I was compelled to pick them up. And once in hand, my eyes were opened, and I saw what they were saying, ‘Jesus Christ is our Creator, our Savior, our Joy, and our Master.’ At His command, the mountains move, the sick are healed, and dead come to life. Why then would I be surprised that the rocks He made want to tell His story?”

The book concludes with a question that invites readers to respond to the gospel: “How will you show your love for Jesus?” The accompanying rock art portrays a scarred hand—reminding us of Jesus’ wounds—and a young girl. A festive cloud of hearts billows outward and downward from the hand to the child, revealing the truth that all our acts of love originate in God’s love for us. He Is Risen is a book to be enjoyed again and again by children and adults alike. (Zondervan)

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