The Great Adventure by The Neal Morse Band

The Great Adventure
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In 2016, The Neal Morse Band released what many consider to be the high point of Morse’s long career, The Similitude of a Dream. This double album was based on Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. While a 350-year-old book seems unlikely source material for a rock album, the album received high praise from Christian and non-Christian critics alike for its strong melodies, the outstanding playing of the band, and the way Morse revisited melodic ideas throughout the album.

Expecting to create a single album when they reconvened last year, Morse and his band ended up creating another two-disc concept album, The Great Adventure, based on the next part of Pilgrim’s Progress. The Great Adventure is at least as good as its predecessor. Once again crafting soaring melodies and majestic arrangements, the band works musical themes like “A Love That Never Dies” into different songs and in a variety of styles until it is presented, in the finale, in beautiful four-part harmony. The songs are great, and they work even better in the context of the whole album. The Great Adventure is another fine achievement from Morse. (Metal Blade)

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