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Village Lights is the name of a trio of independent worship leaders who found themselves often leading worship together at youth conferences and had a shared interest in creating music in a modern style for liturgical worship. Their first full-length album, Kingdom, demonstrates this focus by creating songs that follow the form of a liturgical worship service. It’s designed for Christ the King Sunday, the final Sunday of the liturgical year and the Sunday before the beginning of Advent.

The album begins with a call to worship, “Here is Our Hallelujah,” and along the way, praise in the song “Christ our King,” and another in “Gloria.” “Sanctus” is a setting of a traditional “Holy, Holy, Holy” text but in a more modern style. It continues in this manner until the finale, “There is Peace.” Kingdom also features short linking pieces of music which serves to help us see the whole album as one whole rather than just a series of songs.

The music is in a contemporary folk style rather than the rock band style of Hillsong or others like it. The “Deluxe Edition” of the album features acoustic live versions of five of the best songs from the album. These live versions are improvements over the studio versions and bring a more intimate take to the songs. Village Lights has crafted a thoughtful album of worship songs which makes for an enjoyable and worshipful listening experience. (Running Club Records)

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