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The opening and title track of Overlords, the third release from Pittsburgh band We Came From Space sounds like the soundtrack to an epic science fiction movie. Majestic strings and a soaring melody give way to “I’ll play some happy chords / For the robot overlords. Let ’em know we’re doing all we can.” We quickly realize that this is a band that has some serious musical chops and wants to have fun with their songs, lyrically and musically.

Overlords is not a concept album. There are no additional songs about aliens or robots, but the lighthearted nature of that first track and the occasional nod to science fiction continues throughout the eight tracks on this album. The four-piece band sings about relationships, self-expression and, in perhaps the best track, “Seize the Day,” the importance of treasuring what we have: “Talents and treasure are poor ways to measure your worth.”

We Came From Space play catchy pop melodies vocally and instrumentally. They play intricate interludes that extend and vary the melodic themes laid out in the vocals. Their fun brand of pop is worth checking out. (Bandcamp)


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