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Curated from the late Eugene Peterson’s library of sermons by the WaterBrook and Multnomah Editorial Team, this 90-day collection of devotions focuses on God’s work and character as revealed in the Old Testament. The hope of the editorial team in compiling this collection was “that every day or every step was an arrival of God’s truth specific to your life and circumstances, in the form of encouragement or challenge or possibly even conviction.”

As Peterson reflects on the lives of well-known biblical characters such as Abraham, Moses, Gideon, and Ruth, he repeatedly points out that the Bible’s main focus isn’t on the characters who inhabit its pages. Instead, these are stories “about God’s choice of man (of us!) and how he resourcefully and masterfully completes his purpose despite every roadblock, every diversion, every sin, and all unbelief.” 

Each insightful, brief devotion concludes with a short reflection or question, a meaningful way for readers to pray about what they’ve read and apply it to their own lives. (WaterBrook)

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