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Choosing a school, major, or career can be overwhelming for many high schoolers. But what if this process was full of delightful anticipation about the good things in store for us? What if instead of asking students about a major, we asked them, When do you feel the most alive? What do you love? What injustices do you want to correct? Where do you want to make a difference? What gifts are you the most excited about developing as an adult?

Since 1999, Calvin Seminary has faithfully asked high school students these questions and more. During our youth theology program called Dig (formerly Facing Your Future), we are helping students to uncover their futures. We desire to give students tools for discerning God’s call in their lives.

We strive to approach conversations about the future from a place of confidence in God’s sovereignty and gifting. We take comfort in knowing that God has divinely gifted each of us and that sometimes we are called to unexpected places.

Every summer for three weeks, Calvin Seminary faculty, students, and staff invest in Dig students through teaching, mentoring, and encouragement, helping students as they explore their gifts and potential callings. During Dig, students engage in questions of gifting and calling from a distinctly Christian point of view.

The general call for Christians to be citizens in the kingdom is clear. But the specifics get more complex. Students wonder, If I am called to evangelism, what does this look like? When I see entrenched social problems—racism, poverty, sex trafficking—how should I respond? How can I best use my gifts to live a life of meaning and purpose? What are my gifts? What do I do when I am overwhelmed by the pain and troubles of the world? Through these questions and more, we turn to Scripture and theology to delve into our central question: How am I called to live?

This happens on campus but also through off-campus excursions where Dig sparks the imagination of students as they meet Christians serving their callings in a range of vocations. Many are called to directly serve in church and pastoral ministry. Others are encouraged to see how a vocation of ministry can be pursued in a range of careers.

Over the years, high school students have consistently told us that the weeks they spent at Calvin Seminary changed their perspectives, deepened their faith, and significantly impacted their life trajectory and sense of calling. Consider joining us this summer. For more information on the program, visit

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