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Written from the perspective of a Lutheran pastor, Sacred Signposts is relevant for adherents of all Christian traditions. Author Benjamin J. Dueholm explores “the central, sacred, vexing practices of Christianity, the ‘holy possessions’ by which Christians receive and enact their faith.” He shows how the Word, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, confession and forgiveness, ministry, prayer, worship, and the cross shape both the Christians who practice them and the world around them.

Writing with American history and the current United States political context in mind, Dueholm discusses how the signposts offer “a pointed critique of the unjust and unhappy reality in which they take place, and they offer the outrageous possibility of an alternative.”

Ultimately, Dueholm maintains, the “holy possessions” originate in God’s grace and lead to expressions of grace in the lives of Christians.

Sacred Signposts is a stimulating and rich exploration of God’s gifts to the church and their significance for our walk with God, with other Christians, and the people whom we meet who do not yet know God. Pastors, worship leaders, and members of study groups will discover in this passionate, lyrical book a valuable resource. (Eerdmans)

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