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Aventurine is bored with the family caverns, tired of learning, and ready to try her wings in the outside world. She knows she is a disappointment to her mother and decides to show her family she can take care of herself. After all, she is a dragon, even if her scales have not yet hardened. Aventurine ventures outside her mountain home and there discovers a human making hot chocolate that smells so wonderful she absolutely must try it. How could she have known that the tricky magician would be able to transform her from her beautiful dragon self into a puny human? How can she go home now when her family thinks she is a pesky but potentially tasty human girl?

But even as a girl, Aventurine is a dragon at heart. She will need all her inner strength and confidence to make new friends, save her family, and find her passion. A warm and wonderful children’s fantasy, The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart will make you long for a cup of something hot to sip while you read it again and again. (Bloomsbury)

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