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October 9, 2015 - 

Five creatures—an owl, a pig, a bear, a puppy, and a rabbit—sit on a windowsill. Each waits for a particular thing: the moon, rain, wind, snow, or whatever will happen next outside the window.

They are happy when they receive what they are waiting for. They are sad when one of them leaves and their close-knit community is disrupted. But they are relieved when he or she returns. In their slow-paced world, they enjoy clouds, rainbows, fireworks, and a winter wonderland. They tremble in fear during a thunderstorm.

One day a cat arrives on the windowsill. They wonder what she is waiting for. In a humorous, surprise ending, they learn that it differs radically from what they have been waiting for.

In this gentle, leisurely children’s picture book, young readers are introduced to the nature and wonder of waiting—something that most children find difficult to do! (Greenwillow Book)

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