Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate by Justin Lee

Mixed Media

This book is about a controversial subject that touches many people’s lives” writes Justin Lee in his opening notes. Dealing with it has torn apart families and communities, churches and denominations. Lee himself experienced tears of pain, misunderstanding, and judgment as a young, committed Christian coming to the slow realization that he was not the person he, his loving family, and his church community thought he was.

Through his own stories rooted in strong faith, Lee shares his search for integral living. He studies Scripture as he repeatedly confronts the divisions and incongruities in the debates that rage over absolute truths and cultural wars.

Born in 1977, Lee is the founder and executive director of the Gay Christian Network (GCN) a nonprofit, interdenominational organization working to increase dialogue between gay and straight Christians and to support people on both sides as they wrestle with related issues. Having experienced confusion, alienation, and hatred at a personal level, he envisions a world of respect, conversation, and wholeness. He invites the reader to be part of making that a reality. (Jericho Books)

About the Author

Jenny deGroot is a freelance media review and news writer for The Banner. She lives on Swallowfield Farm near Fort Langley B.C. with her husband, Dennis. Before retirement she worked as a teacher librarian and assistant principal.