Benediction by by Kent Haruf

In Holt, Colorado, Dad Lewis managed a hardware store, keeping a careful account of his sales. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, he takes “all of his years into account” and finds himself lacking. He thinks back to his mistreatment of a dishonest employee and especially to his anger against his gay son, Frank.

Dad Lewis’s story runs parallel to that of neighboring families where relationships are also strained, if not broken. Fans of Haruf’s Plainsong will be glad to find that he’s back to his laconic style, but they may wish he had kept his focus on Dad Lewis and the loving care provided by his wife and daughter. While this novel portrays great sadness, “brief moments” of good offer a strong sense of hope found in family and community. (Knopf)

About the Author

Otto Selles teaches French at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Mich., and attends Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids.