God Is Bigger Than Everything

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I love the buildings
I love the houses
And I love the drawings
Our God is an awesome God
He made the roads and the people
He made the lights of the cars and the windows of the houses
The little fences
He made the crunch of the leaves
He made the doors, the little doors for the cars so they can close them
He made the little bitty windows
He made the pools
He made the babies
He made the grass
He made the bushes
He made everything
He made the people
He made the roads and the sidewalks
He made the alphabet
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z
He made the numbers
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
He made the sidewalks, and the gardens
He made the highways
He made the buildings
He made the roofs
He made the beautiful drawings
He made the sunshine
He made the moon
He made the clouds
He made the arrows
He made the different-colored lights
He made the airplanes
He made the people
He made the stars
He made the blue sky
He made the cars
He made everything
He made the shapes
There’s lots of lines that show you where to go
Any road has those kinds of lines
White, or yellow
White tells you to go
Yellow tells you to stop
You better remember to stay in your lane
He made the garbage
He made the grass
He made the little sides to keep the grass on the ground but not the road
Every day ask your mommy and daddy to pray for you and they can
You can pray whatever you want
He made the children
And what about the rainbows?
He loves us and you
He loves the children
He loves the colors
He loves the lights
He loves orange, blue, and yellow
He loves green, blue, and pink
He loves purple, black, and brown
He loves every color
He loves the leaves that turn orange and blue and green
Light green, dark green
Gives us story
Gives us sunshine
Gives us everything
Gives us the moon
Gives us sunshine
Gives us the moon and the sky
The clouds are nice but
God is bigger than everything

Daddy can you put on some music?

About the Author

Sophia is a Grade 1 student at Calvin Christian School in Hamilton, Ont. Her dad recorded her hymn of faith on the way home from school. Sophia and her family attend First Christian Reformed Church in Hamilton.