Your Name Your Fame

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If I know you and you know meI’d call you by your nameflashing by on my mind’s marqueea thumbs up for your fame.

When you know someone’s name you already have a relationship with him or her. Learning someone’s name is the beginning of a relationship, maybe even a friendship. The longer you know someone’s name, the more you know about that person. That person becomes “famous,” or well known, to you.

Challenge God has many names. Through these names we can begin to know more about God. How many of God’s names do you know?

When Animals Hang Out

Have you ever seen animals hang out in groups? People have given those groups special names that describe something about those animals together. Take this quiz to see how many animal group names you know. (You’ll find the answers at the end of the quiz.)

1. What is the group name for alligators?(a) company(b) troop(c) boulders(d) congregation

2. What is one of the group names for penguins?(a) tuxedoes(b) rookery(c) clan(d) colony

3. What is one of the group names for oxen?(a) team(b) herd(c) yokes(d) plows

4. What is the group name for butterflies?(a) clutter(b) flies(c) flutter(d) flight

First Names

When God created the world he gave the name day to the light and the name night to the darkness. God named what he created. What does that tell you about God’s relationship to what he has made?

God gave the next naming activity to Adam. God asked Adam to name the animals. Why did God do that? Did God want Adam to use the gift of speech God had given him? Did God give Adam a special ability to understand the characteristics of the animals around him? Maybe both or something more. We don’t know, but naming someone or something shows an understanding of the character of that person or thing. Can you imagine coming up with unique names for each animal? Can you hear the names rolling off Adam’s tongue? What are your favorite-sounding animal names? Zebra? Giraffe? Baboon?

Design Your Name

Your name may or may not have a biblical meaning, but your name is important to God. God loves you and calls you by name to be his child and to obey his Word. Here is something you can do to personalize one of God’s messages to you:

Design the letters of your name to match a Bible verse. The following samples may help to inspire you. They are the names from a fourth-grade Sunday school class.

You may have to look at several verses until you find one that has something you can picture with the letters in your name. But once you make the match, you’ll remember this verse and its message from God for a long time. You can make it part of your thoughts every day.

BETSY: Matthew 28:1-7At dawn the angel sat on the stone. “He has risen.”

QUENTIN: Psalm 3:3“You are a shield around me.”

KEVIN: Revelation 17:14bJesus “is Lord of lords and King of kings.”

ANDREW: Matthew 7:24The wise man built his house on the rock.

RILEY: Matthew 11:29Jesus: “Come to me . . . for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

ELLIE: Proverbs 18:10“The name of the Lord is a strong tower.”

REESE: Matthew 14:26-27“When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. . . . But Jesus . . . said, ‘Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.’”

JODY: Psalm 119:105“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

Bible Name Quiz

Many of the people we read about in the Bible had names that had something to do with who they were or what they were supposed to do. Sometimes their names were changed to match the task God gave them. Names are important to God!

Using the clues below, can you name these Bible characters? Test yourself against the answers below.

  1. ____________ His name means “REST.” His father gave him this name because he thought God would give comfort through his son. This person is famous for a building project that could use up all the lumber in your local Home Depot.
  2. ____________ His name means “FATHER OF MANY.” That was his second name. It was given to him by God. He literally picked up his home and moved. It was a good thing he lived in a tent and not a house with a foundation. He is famous for his faith.
  3. ____________ Her name means “PRINCESS.” She was 10 years younger than her husband. She must have been very beautiful because her husband worried that other men would kill him so they could marry her. She is famous for a time when she laughed.
  4. _____________ He is best known by the name he had from his father, but write down his name from God. This name has two meanings. One is “PRINCE OF GOD” and the other is “HE WRESTLES WITH GOD AND PREVAILS (IS SUCCESSFUL).” His name is also another name for God’s people in the Old Testament. Double name, double meaning, double for a person and a group of people—all for a person who was a twin. Talk about doubles!
  5. ___________ Her name means “GRACIOUS.” She is known for giving thanks to God. It was her great joy at seeing a certain baby that made her give thanks. She was so happy about it that she told everyone she saw.
  6. ___________ Another man with a name change. His second name means “SMALL.” He may have been small in size, but he isn’t small in importance. Because of his bravery in prisons, attacks from people throwing stones, and rough seas, people near and far heard about Jesus.
  7. __________ Her name means “PURE” and sometimes “SHINING.” She was a deaconess in the early church. She may have been the first deaconess. It was said that she was a great help to many people. 

About the Author

Carol Reinsma is an author and editor for the Walk With Me church school curriculum published by Faith Alive Christian Resources. She attends Cragmor Christian Reformed Church, Colorado Springs, Colo.