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reviewed by Kelly Crull is where I go to find recipes for foods I like but don’t know how to make. Whether I’m looking for recipes for a Reuben sandwich or for banana muffins, gives instant results from its database of 36,000 recipes. I can save recipes online or print them in appropriate sizes for my recipe box.

reviewed by Greg Sennema

LibraryThing is designed to help you easily catalog your collection of books. Simply sign up (for free), and search for the books you’ve read. LibraryThing will create a catalog entry based on or Library of Congress information, including book covers and summaries. Each entry can be augmented with your own information, such as when you started and finished the book, personal comments, your own subject tags, and your review of the book.

Before I Wake

by Robert Wiersema
reviewed by Sonya VanderVeen Feddema

The parents of little Sherry Barrett, injured in an accident, pray for a miracle. When they finally remove her from life support, she doesn’t die; she remains comatose. Sherry is taken home and nothing seems to change. Yet everything has. Sherry’s nurse realizes that her own arthritis has disappeared. Unsure of what is happening, Sherry’s parents are forced to accept that their daughter has healing powers, and a spiritual battle rages around her. Wiersema’s novel, which contains some profanity and sexually explicit scenes, explores the idea that “the price of miracles is dear.” (Random House Canada)

Signs & Wonders

by John A. Algera
reviewed by Margaret Jenista

Like a skilled matchmaker, Algera seeks to “combine the richness of our Reformed understanding of Scripture and Christianity with a new awareness of the power of God available to us today.” Algera applies Scripture and Reformed creeds to the charismatic signs and wonders movement, in search of a compatible match. He challenges the Reformed tendency to hold the Holy Spirit’s work—presented in Scripture, church history, and the church today—at a distance. Well crafted for use in personal study or small groups, these 12 chapters introduce Christian Reformed folks to the frequently neglected yet historically established theology of the Holy Spirit. (Faith Alive)

Riverside Battle Songs

by Ollabelle
reviewed by Robert Keeley

Ollabelle draws heavily on gospel, blues, bluegrass, folk, and country to create a unique blend of music that sounds both traditional and contemporary. The group grew out of an informal meeting of singers and players who came together to play traditional gospel songs at a weekly jam session in New York City. Their first album featured mostly covers of old gospel songs, but their second album, Riverside Battle Songs, seamlessly mixes traditional gospel songs such as “Down by the Riverside” with new compositions by members of the band. The quintet shares vocals and songwriting duties, and their voices and styles blend beautifully. This album is a wonderful example of modern gospel-flavored Americana. (Verve Forecast)

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