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Why Me?

Thank you, Rev. Eppinga, for your article “Why Me?” (May 2005). How true it is that we always look at the negatives in our lives and pass over the blessings we’ve all received. Many times I turn to God when facing adverse times but then forget a prayer of thanks when times are good. I’ve felt sorrow, but I’ve been blessed ten thousand times over in my 40-plus years in God’s kingdom.

—Mike Hoving, Holland Landing, Ontario


Our concerns about the Christian Reformed Church—neglect of dogma and of the Trinity concept—have been completely addressed in a direct and graceful manner in the May issue. Thanks for doing a good job and firing up our hope.

—Johan and Lydia Diemer, Greater Victoria, British Columbia

Poor Walt!

When Walt Disney was alive he created and accomplished many great things. He was also very strong on family values. Were he still alive and in charge, I’d be all for the plans for the feature-length film of The Chronicles of Narnia (“What’ll Happen When Disney Meets Aslan?” April 2005).

However, a few years ago I read a book called The Mouse Betrayed by Peter

Schweizer (Regnery Publishing, 1998).

I was shocked by the allegations of what Disney is involved in and where some of the money that is spent on Disney products winds up. I no longer purchase any products having to do with the Disney name. If the book’s allegations are true, poor Walt would not just be turning in his grave but spinning.

—Bruce D. Quinn, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Punch Lines

What a fine page to have for humor. We stern-faced Calvinists need a dose of that.

If you receive flak—I’m sure you will—consider these lines from Henry Ward Beecher’s 1874 sermon on “Unjust Judgments”: “Humor is, however, nearer right than any emotion we have. Humor is the atmosphere in which grace most flourishes.”

—John H. Sietsema, Grand Rapids, Mich.

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