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A picture of Shona Paterson (left) was incorrectly identified in the October 2008 Banner with the story “Special Needs Don’t Stop SERVE Project.” Shona is a member of the Ingersoll, Ontario, Friendship Club.

In “Pastor Pablo’s Dream,” also in October, while Rev. Mariano Avila of Calvin Theological Seminary believes that ministry with Hispanics is important for the CRC’s future, he is unfamiliar with and thus did not comment directly on the ministry of Roosevelt Park Community CRC in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Regarding “Alaska Church Meets Teens at the Mall” (September 2008), volunteers come from Crosspoint (not Crossroads) Community CRC in Anchorage. Members of Trinity CRC, Anchorage, also support and participate in the drop-in center ministry.

The Banner apologizes for the errors.