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Often our lives get so busy that we forget about the importance of rest. It is so easy to “take a break” but actually just switch activities instead. Television, phones, computers, and video games easily fill that time we set aside to rest. We often do not take time to simply stop and take a few moments to just be. Boredom is important to help us process what is going on in our day. It helps spark creativity, something we enjoy because we’re made in the image of God, the ultimate creator. Taking a moment to rest in silence—and yes, in boredom—can help us connect to God and his creation.

We can learn about rest by looking at one of the creatures God made: the bear. In Ojibwe culture bears are associated with patience and strength. They got that reputation because they’re very good at resting. A bear can spend several months peacefully sleeping over the winter, when food is scarce and temperatures drop. The bear’s heart rate drops, it doesn’t need to eat or drink, and its kidneys cycle waste. The bear rests, completely trusting in the coming spring.

Rest, whether it’s sleeping or just taking a break, is important for our physical and spiritual health. We have been made in the image of God, and even God took time to rest (Gen. 2:2). God’s rest was taking time to enjoy and spend time just being with God’s creation.

The book of Leviticus includes the rules God made for rest—not just for God’s people, but for the land too. For all of creation, rest helps to restore and strengthen.

To fully rest, we need to trust that we will be safe. It is hard to rest when we are worried or frightened. But just like the bear trusts that spring will arrive, we can trust that God is with us, and we can rest peacefully.

Try This!

Take some time to find a spot in a local forest or park to just sit and enjoy God’s creation without phones, music, or books—just you and creation. 

How did it make you feel? 

Where did your mind go? 

What did you see that you wouldn’t have if you had been distracted?


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