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What are three of your current favorite apps?

Here are three of my current favorite apps and a bit about why I like them. Search for them online by name if you want to check them out.

Merlin Bird ID: I’m not a birder, but this app could make me one. Offered free by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Merlin Bird ID uses artificial intelligence to identify each species, displaying in real time a list and photos of the birds that are singing or calling. When you’re outside with your kids or grandkids, try to guess what birds you hear and then use the app to tell you if you were right.

Google Docs and Sheets: Created in 2005 and evolving ever since, Google Docs stripped down what had become bloated office applications and then added the ability for two or more people to edit and add comments in the same document at the same time, saving the files as you go. It’s perfect for a Christmas gift list you share with your spouse, a worship planning document for your worship team, or maybe a to-do list for your kids that they can see and you can add to whenever. Documents can be viewed and edited on all your devices.

Yahoo Weather: I know there are lots of weather apps out there, but this one has an uncluttered design and the smarts to display a photo of your weather from Flickr’s public photo file.

Notion: I know you only asked for three, but I need to throw Notion in. If you’re trying to organize a lot of information, and a spreadsheet isn’t enough but a full-blown database is too much, Notion is beautifully and intuitively designed. It comes with a number of templates to get you going, but the real fun starts when you create your own online tracker. Great for personal goals, lists of any sort—you name it. It’s a great data keeper.

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