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I am in awe of Jesus. This is true for many reasons, one of which is the miracles he performed while on Earth.

As I look at the miracles recorded in the four gospels, I see four general categories in which these miracles were performed: healing the body, casting out demons, controlling nature, and raising the dead. They illustrate the depth and breadth of Jesus’ authority in this world. My training in the sciences causes me to wonder in amazement at the miracles of Jesus and to appreciate his awesome power.

There are hundreds of things that can and do go wrong with our physical bodies. There are 24 miracles mentioned in the gospels in which Jesus healed diseases such as blindness, dropsy, leprosy, internal bleeding, deformed limbs, and more. How could something as intricate as the eye or as complicated as bone deformation heal instantly? Jesus spoke or touched, and the body was healed—quickly and perfectly. Even with all the advancements in medical technology, such healing remains far beyond human capability. But for Jesus, the impossible was simple.

The realm of demons might be difficult for us to understand but is very real. There are five instances when Jesus demonstrated his authority over demons. Jesus could recognize the presence of a demon, could communicate with them, and with a word cause them to leave. The demons recognized Jesus’ authority and obeyed immediately. Though invisible to us, they were visible to Jesus, and he knew just what to do. His word was final.  

In nine instances, Jesus demonstrated his authority over nature—by changing water to wine, calming a storm, causing a fig tree to wither, causing bread and fish to multiply, and causing fish to enter nets. I wonder how two cooked fish could increase so greatly and so quickly. I cannot begin to grasp how this could have happened. The process for making wine is lengthy and involves many steps, and large trees simply do not wither within hours. Yet at Jesus’ commands, water, wind, plants, and animals defied natural laws to do his bidding. Again, it happened rapidly and easily. Nothing was too hard for Jesus.

Lastly, Jesus demonstrated his authority over death. Decomposition of a body begins shortly after death and is irreversible. However, at Jesus’ command, two children and a man each returned to life—immediately and in full health. In an instant, decaying bodies became living, functioning beings. Death gave way to hearts that beat, lungs that breathed, and eyes that could see. The biologically impossible was done as quickly and easily as the other kinds of miracles. Who can comprehend this?

Jesus was in control then and remains in control today. Jesus said, “All things have been handed over to me by my Father” (Matt. 11:27, ESV) and “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Matt. 28:18). Jesus has all authority over heaven and earth—what we can see and what we cannot see. There never has been, is not now, nor will there ever be anything that is too hard for Jesus. It follows, then, that we can put complete trust and confidence in him.

Jesus understands all the challenges we face and has invited us to bring everything to him as often as we want, big or small, difficult or easy. He specializes in and welcomes things that are too hard for us. Jesus is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-sufficient. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. I stand in awe of my King.

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