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Why Should We Care for Creation?

Creation care seems like a white suburban issue to me. Why should I care, as a Christian?

It makes perfect sense that creation care issues do not appear to match pressing justice issues such as poverty, immigration, or abortion. However, as a former urban pastor, creation stewardship matters in all geographical locations around the world, especially in cities.

I lived near the most polluted body of water in Michigan for more than 20 years. I saw people fishing for dinner, children wading in the waters, and homeless people sleeping near the creek. As a Reformed Christian, I believe God cares deeply about how we steward the Earth as faithful people of God. It matters that the creek becomes safe for all of God’s creatures. It matters that we redeem the creek. This is part of my faith because God holds me responsible for taking care of his good, green Earth.

Urban Christians must take seriously this creation mandate. The Lord cares deeply how we use the natural resources that contribute to the life, health, and flourishing of people in cities, suburbs, and rural areas. God’s Earth blesses all people no matter the race, color, or creed. We care because God cares.

Please find ways to immerse yourself in creation care at your church or in your neighborhood. Seek God’s guidance as you discern the best way to put your faith into action to redeem God’s gifts of earth, water, and sky.


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