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Thanksgiving Day is in October in Canada and in November in the United States. It’s good to have a special day each year that reminds us to thank God for all the good things in our lives. But here’s one way to practice being thankful every day!

Make a Gratitude Calendar

There are 30 days in November. Think you can find at least 30 different things to be grateful for this month? Let’s give it a try!

First, print out a blank calendar page for November (just Google “November 2018 calendar”). Glue your calendar page to a piece of colored construction paper. Then decorate your calendar page with markers, colored pencils, or other craft supplies. Hang your awesome calendar somewhere where you’ll see it every day.

Every day this month, look for something to be thankful for. When you find something, write it on your calendar.

Look for Good Things

We can be grateful for lots of things. Small things like a fresh doughnut or a hug from a friend. Or big things like someone getting well after they’ve been really sick. Here are some good things you might put on your own gratitude calendar:

  • Things that remind you of God’s love
  • People who love you
  • Food, a place to live, clothes to wear
  • Things that make you laugh
  • Things you love to do
  • Your favorite places
  • Things you like to learn about
  • Beautiful things in nature

When You See It, Say It

Part of being thankful is actually saying thank you. When you see something you’re thankful for, don’t keep that thankfulness to yourself—say it! Pray a prayer of thanks to God for a beautiful sunset. Say thank you when someone does something kind for you. And look for ways to be kind to other people.

Look Back

On December 1, look back at all the things you were thankful for this month. If your gratitude calendar helped you remember to be thankful, think about making a new calendar for December and starting all over again!

About the Author

Sandy Swartzentruber serves as the resource coordinator for Faith Formation Ministries and is a member of Sherman Street CRC in Grand Rapids, Mich.