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How can observing the Day of Justice help my church become more missional?

I’m sure you have encountered the brokenness of relationships, governments, and society. It would easy to throw your hands up and never leave your home. But as Reformed Christians, we are called to enter into the world’s pain with our heads, hands, hearts, and financial resources. Biblical justice is our Lord’s command for us as his agents of shalom to advocate for the dispossessed to have access to basic needs, to seek reconciliation across the hard edges of race, and to help equitably rebuild places that have experienced natural disasters. When pursued, the mission of God is winsome and attractive.  

CRC Executive Director Steve Timmermans has said, “The Lord is not telling us to ‘relax a bit.’ He’s saying, ‘Speak the gospel truth, be my servants.’ We have a faithful track record of speaking the gospel in Word and in deed to a hurting and broken world.” In other words, the Christian Reformed Church takes the view that the work of World Renew in assisting in natural disasters and redeveloping shattered communities around the globe matters. The work of churches across North America taking aim at targets of injustice and inequity in neighborhoods and rural hamlets matters too. The Day of Justice, established by Synod 2017, is meant to build a groundswell of restoring right relationships between God, people, and society.

What can your church do on this third Sunday in August? Discern the ways your church’s ministries are touching areas of brokenness Highlight them in a service of lament, prayer, and a call to action on August 19. Visit the CRCNA Day of Justice website ( for additional worship and education ideas. Join with other churches in your area who are doing justice work and make a bigger impact together. Enact of a day of service for all members and report their stories to encourage everyone that God uses us to bring hope and healing in Jesus’ name.

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