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Josh Larsen, movie critic and editor of the Think Christian blog, offers a slim, thoughtful, and companionable exploration of movies as prayers—prayers of lament, confession, obedience, and joy, among others. Predicated on the idea that “prayers can be unintended and can come from unbelievers, that even the howl of an atheist is directed at the God they don’t acknowledge,” Larsen weaves together a study of prayer and movies: Avatar as a prayer of praise for creation; yearning in The Wizard of Oz; anger in Rebel Without a Cause.
Larsen takes a new and thought-provoking look at well-known movies, suggesting lesser-known films for consideration as well.

That’s not to say this is merely a lighthearted romp through Hollywood history. Larsen draws on wisdom from thinkers and writers including Richard Foster, Anne Lamott, St. Ignatius, Nicholas Wolterstorff, and Thomas Merton. He also considers the words of Job, Jeremiah, and King David.

Whether you are more interested in prayer or movies, this book will inspire you to enhance your experience of both subjects. (IVP Books)

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