The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon Volume I by Christian George

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Charles Spurgeon was known for expository preaching. He found his calling early in life and preached his first sermon at age 16. His career in ministry took him many places. The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon is a book of primary sources, both detailed and exhaustive.The book features images of Spurgeon’s notebook on one page and text and analysis next to it.

Reading this, I learned that one of Spurgeon's sermons was instrumental in bringing Oswald Chambers to faith. Apparently Queen Victoria went to hear him preach on at least one occasion, and in parts of the United States his books were burned because he was an abolitionist. Other collections of Spurgeon’s sermons have been published, the largest of which is The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit. For me The Lost Sermons is like finding the lost piece to a puzzle; Volume 2 is due in September of this year.

Spurgeon was a Calvinist in his theology, and no seminary education is complete without studying his life and work. Some of Spurgeon's sermons are available for free via Amazon for Kindle users. (B&H Publishing)

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