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Since the selection of books sent our way is unlimited but our review space is not, every so often we highlight a few titles we think would be of interest to Banner readers. Take a look through this worthy list.

Calvin’s Theology and Its Reception: Disputes, Developments, and New Possibilities by J. Todd Billings and I. John Hesselink, Editors
Interested in John Calvin’s theology? This collection of essays by scholars looks at Calvin’s work and words on various topics including election, the Lord’s Supper, and church and society. (Westminster John Knox Press)

Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land by Ruth Everhart
Presbyterian minister Ruth Everhart made a trip to Israel as part of a documentary about pilgrimage. In this unusual travel narrative, she examines how her time in the Holy Land led her to a deeper experience and understanding of her faith. (Eerdmans)

A Cultural Handbook to the Bible by John J. Pilch
Pilch explores the times during which the Bible was written, connecting the modern reader to the culture of the day. Why did names matter so much? What did marriage look like? What was that part of the earth like, and how does that inform our understanding of Scripture? Perhaps your inquiring mind would like to know. (Eerdmans)

If Truth Be Known by Clarence Menninga
Menninga, Professor of Geology Emeritus at Calvin College, evaluates the position that scientific data support a recent creation of earth. He approaches the subject with full confidence that Christian faith and modern science are compatible. (Amazon Digital Services)

The Moral Disciple: An Introduction to Christian Ethics by Kent A. Van Til
How do factors such as conscience, sin, social norms, and consequences play into how we as Christians decide what is right and wrong? This book about ethics would be great for small group study. (Eerdmans)

Preaching Christ from Daniel: Foundations for Expository Sermons by Sidney Greidanus
This in-depth look at the book of Daniel connects Daniel’s story with the overarching story of redemption through Christ, giving preachers a solid foundation for building their sermons. (Eerdmans)

A Reformed Christian Perspective on Education: Fifty Years of Footprints by Donald Oppewal
Oppewal has spent his career thinking, studying, writing, and teaching about Christian education. The book includes sections dealing with religion in public education, Reformed Christian schools, curricular and pedagogical practices, and higher education. (Chapbook Press)

Stories from Years Gone By: 50 Stories of Life and Faith . . . Down Memory Lane by Leendert Kooij
The title says it all; Kooij walks readers down memory lane with vivid stories of his childhood in the Netherlands, including the dark days of World War II. (Leendert Kooij Records & Books, email

Walking in the Word: Day-to-Day Reflections on the Christian Journey by George Vink
This daily devotional is organized around monthly themes. June’s theme is “On Families, Fathers, and Faithfulness”; September’s is “Romans—A Walk with Paul.” Some months are based on his writings for the Today devotional published by Back to God Ministries International. (WestBow)

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