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Kent Annan is the co-director of Haiti Partners, a nonprofit developing education in Haiti, and he candidly admits that over the last 20 years he’s “succumbed to various failed justice shortcuts instead of living the freedom of faithful practices.” Acknowledging that working for justice in the world is more than we can handle, he sets forth five practices that can help readers “to find the freedom to handle what you can and what you’re called to.”

The practices—attention, confession, respect, partnering, and “truthing”—avoid shallow changes and quick fixes. Rather, they seek to bring about lasting transformation in people’s lives.

Perhaps one of the most liberating themes of Slow Kingdom Coming for people guilt-ridden because of the complexities and extent of the world’s needs is that we are not responsible for all the needs around us, but solely for the ones that we have been entrusted with.

Study guides, one for a single session and another for a six-week session, are available free of charge to interested readers. (InterVarsity)

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