Wrongs to Rights: How Churches Can Engage the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by Steve Heinrichs, editor

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Wrongs to Rights is an ambitious collection of poetry, photographs, artwork, and essays. The contributors to this collection come from all paths of life and from around the world. They include Shannon Perez, the Christian Reformed Church’s Justice and Reconciliation Mobilizer for Canada, alongside well-known writers like theologian Walter Brueggemann.

The writers and artists all share a passion and sense of urgency for Christian churches to respond and embrace the challenges of the United Nations Declaration. Steve Bell, a Christian singer/songwriter living in Winnipeg, writes, “We will come to see the healing of the nations if we first learn and live our declarations.”

Wrongs to Rights is a good place to begin learning. It is compiled and published as a special edition of INTÓTEMAK, a Mennonite journal that explores indigenous relations. Short, accessible, and varied, this is an excellent resource for high school students as well as a study for an advocacy group or church small group. (Mennonite Church Canada)

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