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Ruth Soukup writes from personal experience as she explores why people stuff their lives with material clutter, excessive busyness, and unhealthy relationships, especially on social media. After experiencing a traumatic childhood, a failed marriage, depression, remarriage, and the birth of two children, Soukup inherited two estates to add to her burgeoning possessions. She and her husband were at a crisis point. Soukup knew they had to do some soul-searching and then take action.

Foundational to all the things Soukup learned is the realization that “we’ve stuffed ourselves to overflowing with the pressure to achieve.” Not only that, “the only way to become truly unstuffed is to accept the amazing, incredible, unlimited and totally undeserved grace we’ve already been given and to stop trying to fill that hole ourselves.” Those realizations also inform the wise and beneficial suggestions that she offers readers in this book for unstuffing their lives. (Zondervan)

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