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The Lowdown: Oscars Edition

Mixed Media

The Academy Awards will be handed out on Sunday, February 28. Here are links to our reviews of some of the nominated films.
The Big Short: “While it will make you laugh and help you understand the financial crisis, it will also make you cry for all the needless waste and suffering.”

Bridge of Spies: “An entertaining movie with beautiful visuals and a lot of heart.”

Brooklyn: “A good reminder of how disorienting it is to be a stranger in a new land.”

Inside Out: “Creatively explores memory, imagination, personality, and abstract thought.”

Mad Max: Fury Road: “The cinematography of this film is fantastic, at times truly a work of art.”

The Martian: “Optimism and a surprising amount of disco music make the film remarkably fun.”

Shaun the Sheep: “The general silliness that fills the movie is delightful.”

Spotlight: “Reveals how attempts to cover up the sins of the church and its leaders hurt the body of Christ.”

When Marnie Was There: “Combines the modern-day themes of isolation and being an outsider with classic animation.”

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