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It took five years for this British singer-songwriter/composer to put outher album. But it was worth the wait. During that time she traveled extensively around the world, which explains why the songs here have elements from around the globe: hints of sitar from India, chanted vocals from the Middle East, and rhythms associated with tribal Africa and the Americas. She also continues to invent new ways to create and produce unique sounds.
This album is the soundtrack to the development over the last decade of a digital globalized world. "Telemiscommunications" laments the dominance of the text message and the instagram post, which means that often times we forget to acknowledge those around us.
The standout track is the beautiful "Entanglement." In a pop culture environment filled with lyrics about cheap sensuality and the bare skin of the moment, this song gets at a relationship you would find in the "Song of Songs."
“This prelude to life long love/Our bodies’ entanglement take/You all over me/Me all over you/Fearless heart/I’m going to take care of you/Whether spark or spiral/I’ll pull the strength of suns/It’s home where you hold me.”
Overall the album reflects how sci-fi our current world is compared with any other time in history. Heap reminds us to take a look around and take notice of both the world we are in and of what we are creating for ourselves and future generations. It is fantastic and a little terrifying. (RCA)

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