Reader-Submitted Review: Ash & Bloom EP by Ash & Bloom

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Ash & Bloom are a duo from Hamilton, Ontario. They’ve been collaborating together for over 10 years but just released their first EP of original work. The instrumentation is very organic with lots of earthy percussion and acoustic sounds without specific overpowering elements. They imply that you, the listener, can join in the song at any point, as it is near impossible not to be humming by the end of “Let the Storm Come.” Thematically, their songs offer just the right mixture of meaning yet ambiguity so that listeners can add their own interpretation of the song. Ash & Bloom ask the questions but don’t try to answer them in “Heaven Is a Ghost Town.” Their humorous animated music video for this song includes appearances from Bono, Oprah, Ellen, Ghandi, and Mother Teresa. I’d say start with the music video on YouTube, and if you like it, move onto a listen of their EP. (JAD Media)

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