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Jumping the Broom intends to pay respect to the institution of marriage, even though it includes many people who aren’t exactly chaste. The comedy begins with a young woman regretting another casual sexual encounter (don’t watch with the kids). She makes a promise to God to refrain from further sex until marriage.  Produced by Bishop T.D. Jakes, who even shows up as the minister, this movie isn’t perfect; caricatures and unnecessary sexual content take away from the story. Yet Jumping the Broom brings something to the table. The marriage of two people brings together two different family cultures, traditions, and expectations, and this movie captures many of those challenges. Angela Bassett is a force as the wealthy and icy mother of the bride, and Loretta Devine is sympathetic as the groom’s mother who tries hard to keep the apron strings tied. The efforts to include God and God’s will in the proceedings seem superficial, unfortunately, but there is a warm spirit and humor that transcends many of today’s comedies. Beyond that, the characters who are committed to each other find more satisfaction in their relationships, in spite of the troubles that come their way. On DVD now.

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