The Tree of Life

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It’s taken him five films and 38 years, but with The Tree of Life writer-director Terrence Malick has finally made a picture truly worthy of his signature theme: the tragedy of original sin. Although this exhilarating head trip of a movie encompasses everything from the big bang to the afterlife, it finds its locus in a 1950s suburban family. There, the oldest of three boys (Hunter McCracken) gradually becomes aware that his idyllic world is also, somehow, broken. He senses it in the increasing sternness of his father (Brad Pitt); he senses it in the casual cruelness within himself. Full of intoxicating imagery and shattering truths, The Tree of Life makes the reality of sin both personal and profound. In theaters now. (Fox Searchlight)

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Thanks, Josh! Certainly, you are following the 'Cultural Mandate' by your being alert in the film industry to be salt and light. Really appreciate your emphasis. 'Greetings' to your dad & mom!! We with them are grateful for your many gifts!!

This interview with a thoughtful Calvin professor and film expert on The Tree of Life might also be of interest.

Phil de Haan