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Warrior is being pitched to the faith market for two clichéd reasons—it’s about sports and it’s inspirational—but also for a very good one. Nick Nolte has a supporting part as the father of two estranged brothers who end up facing off against each other in a mixed martial arts tournament. A recovering alcoholic whose drinking and abuse broke the family apart years ago, Nolte’s character is on an unsteady road to redemption when we meet him, in the opening scene, leaving a support-group meeting at a church. Later, seeking reconciliation with his skeptical younger son (Tom Hardy), he cites his faith in Jesus as one of the reasons he’s turned his life around. The movie’s themes of forgiveness, grace, and restoration are common ones, but rarely are they traced all the way back to Christ, the true source. In theaters now. (Lionsgate)

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I am a fan of MMA fighting and being a pastor I am a bigger fan of stories of a broken families being restored with Christ getting the glory... I have a new favorite movie and I haven't even seen it yet. May God bless your efforts and keep fighting the good fight.

Pastor Mike Larsen
Oasis Church
Hesperia Ca.