Homosexuality and the Christian: A Guide for Parents, Pastors, and Friends by by Mark A. Yarhouse

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Yarhouse is weakest when trying to summarize a definitive "Scriptural" position on homosexuality, quickly drawing conclusions lacking depth or nuance, and skimming centuries of church history to pluck a few ideas that match preconceived notions. He improves when talking about gender identity formation as a complex and evolving process, though he reduces a lot of good research into a false dualism between the "Christian script" and the "gay script." When he moves to advice for persons, parents, and pastors, Yarhouse shines. He acknowledges most change is gradual and limited, rightly advising sincere listening, faithful loving, and communities that honor and embrace rather than quickly shunning. Skip the first chapter, skim 2-7, and memorize 8-10. (Bethany House)

About the Author

Wayne Brouwer is a Christian Reformed pastor who teaches at Hope College and Western Seminary, both in Holland, Mich. His latest books are Martyr's Manual and Splitting the Day of the Lord.