The Reformed Collaborative at Work in India

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When Sukh Ram’s wife died, leaving him to care for their two children, he felt helpless. A Hindu living in northern India, he thought moving to a new place would help. It did, but not in the way he expected.

After relocating, Sukh met two believers who shared something that would change his life. They listened to Words of Glory, produced by Back to God Ministries International’s Hindi outreach and Words of Hope, the media ministry associated with the RCA, along with ministry partners in India.

This media partnership is part of the Reformed Collaborative, a joint initiative between the CRC and the Reformed Church in America that involves working together in nearly 60 ways.

“Sukh started attending meetings organized by his Christian friends and found the Lord there,” said Stephen Paul, Hindi outreach leader.

“He asked the brothers and sisters there to pray for his family. The Lord answered their prayers, and finally Sukh Ram found peace and joy in his life.”

Thanks to the media partnership, Sukh now calls himself Prabhu Das, which means, “servant of the Lord,” to signify his contentment despite his difficult past.

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Brian Clark, ReFrame Ministries