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Nestled in the northernmost region of India lies a remote village where there are no churches and the majority of the people practice animism.

In that isolated area, Back to God Ministries International was reaching people whose only link to biblical teaching was the ministry’s Hindi gospel broadcast. But then the village’s one battery-powered radio died.

One of the listeners wrote to BTGMI’s local producer telling of their dilemma. “Our team traveled to the village and met with seven families,” reports the Hindi ministry leader. “They learned that these families were getting a blessing from the radio broadcasts. They were so excited about receiving the messages and songs and didn’t want to lose contact.”

The ministry team learned that one of the village leaders is a Christian. They presented him with a new wind-up radio that needs no batteries or electricity. The leader agreed to take responsibility for sharing the radio with others in the village. Two weeks later, BTGMI’s producer returned to the village and learned that three persons who now had access to the broadcasts had become Christians.

 “This radio has become a great tool for people who have no other way to listen to the Word of God,” he reported.

The specialized radios are purchased with funds from Back to God Ministries International and Words of Hope, BTGMI’s media ministry partner in India. With more radios, people living in isolated parts of India will be able to hear the gospel. To help, visit and designate a gift for the Hindi ministry.

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