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How would you feel if your children only had access to dubbed translations of foreign videos?

That was the main option for many children in Latin America until Back to God Ministries International began producing El Club del Arca, a culturally authentic, Spanish-language children’s puppet series.

Through the adventures of its Muppet-like characters, El Club del Arca (The Ark Clubhouse) introduces children to biblical values and to Jesus.

Originally produced in Brazil by BTGMI’s Portuguese media team, the DVD series was translated into Spanish, reaching a potential 500,000 children throughout Latin America every week.

“The program is a hit on Saturday mornings in Central America,” reports Rev. Guillermo Serrano, Spanish ministry leader. While children love the music, the stories, and the puppets, “parents have sent us letters telling us they appreciate the programming with an authentic cultural setting.”

Maria, a second-grade teacher, told Serrano: “I watched the first episode of El Club del Arca with 20 of my students. The children were glued to the screen and enjoyed the entire show. Please arrange with the local TV station so we can view all of these wonderful programs!”

A station manager in Guatemala noted that El Club del Arca “offers good programming with technical quality comparable to any secular programming we receive.”

“All 50 episodes of the children’s program are ready for distribution, and we are working hard to contract with stations to air them free of charge,” Serrano said. “We are grateful that El Club del Arca can open new doors for us in many towns and cities in Latin America.”

Thanks to your faithful support, Back to God Ministries International Spanish radio broadcasts have aired for more than 40 years. The ministry also produces a television program for adults called La Vida Ahora (Life Today), which airs on more than 130 stations throughout Central and South America.

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