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The sun beat down as people huddled around the windows and doors of a crowded Nigerian church. Inside, the benches were full, as was the floor. Christians from 12 villages had come to witness the baptisms of 30 new believers.

Since we were not the last ones to arrive, my wife, Mandy, and I found a spot outside one of the windows. The breeze was nice and our 2-year-old daughter Lydia appreciated the freedom of the “outdoor” church service.

More than 20 people from our home village of Mahula had ridden with us. Twelve of them were baptized that day: seven adults and five children.

Markus Sura was one of the adults baptized. Although his wife left him in February, we have seen God work in his life over the past year.

Rahila and her three little girls were also baptized. Her husband, Magaji, was baptized in February 2004. We praise God for the way he has continued to work in their family.

Joshua Tonko was baptized last February also. We thanked God as his wife, child, sister, and cousin were also baptized. We pray for God to win the hearts of his parents as well.

Maryamu, a Christian woman who has lost eight of her 13 children, was all smiles as her oldest daughter, Ayashea, and her youngest son, Timothy, were baptized into God’s family.

We praise God for bringing his salvation to Mahula by calling people into his light and we pray that the Christians here will continue to grow and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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