Now We Can Hear the Word Every Day

Back to God media ministries is establishing Listener Communities in remote areas of Indonesia where there are few churches (see “Listening Communities Change Lives,” January 2008). Since last August, more than 60 local leaders have received training to develop worship and Bible study support groups. About 10,000 people have already been gathered into Listener Communities.

As part of this ministry, more than 2,000 transistor radios were distributed to poor families in remote areas who would otherwise have no way to hear the gospel. “Now we can hear the Word of God every day,” said one listener, a primary school teacher who lives in Kuala Kapuas in Central Borneo. She said her husband came to Christ through the prayers of the local support group.

About the Author

Nancy Vander Meer is a staff writer with Back to God Ministries International in Grand Rapids, Mich.