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Because I always hear your radio program every morning, my family and I were saved,” wrote Mrs. Indrati Hendrik, who lives in Yogyakarta, Central Java, the scene of a major earthquake last May.

Mrs. Hendrik and her family listen to The Back to God Hour Indonesian language radio program, “Majestic Plan.” For many months after the earthquake, BTGH’s Indonesian follow-up staff had heard nothing from listeners in that area.

Then they received Mrs. Hendrik’s letter. She testified to how God showed her family his love in a very powerful way:

“I give thanks to the Father in heaven, because I believe he saved my family from death during the terrible disaster,” she wrote.

“Every morning we listen to your radio program at 4:30 a.m. “On the morning of the earthquake my daughter (Mely) and son (Kiki) were preparing themselves for school. Suddenly, my house trembled. The wall cracked, the lamp shook, the roof fell down.

“Everybody ran for the outside, but the door was already moved, so that it was very difficult to open. I cried out to God and asked for his help. Finally, my husband, my son, and my youngest daughter were able to break down the door and jump out.”

Then she realized that her oldest daughter, Dewi, was still inside the house. She rushed to her daughter’s room and pulled her out just before the house collapsed.

“All of my body was weak, and I cried while my house was destroyed,” Mrs. Hendrik remembered. “My son, Kiki, hugged me and said, ‘Our family is most important.’ I gave thanks to the Lord that he took care of us.”

Thousands of people died because the earthquake happened in the early morning while they were asleep. Mrs. Hendrik says God used their habit of getting up early to listen to the radio program to save her and her family.

“I believe that God loves me and my family. Although I lost my property, I believe that he will provide everything we need.”

The Back to God Hour’s Indonesian follow-up staff provided funds to help the Hendriks and are keeping in contact with the family.

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