He Gave His Life


Note: Because sharing the names in and location of this story would put many people at risk, we cannot give details. But the story illustrates the cost for some who have embraced Jesus as Savior.

“Bensemann,” a university student in a country in which major religions often collide, had a friend from a wealthy family who gave his life to Christ and then gave his life for Christ.

This is how this story of modern-day martyrdom—the murder of a young man for his beliefs—happened.

Bensemann’s brother-in-law sent him a copy of the TODAY devotional booklet published by Back to God Ministries International. Bensemann found it to be “educative, expounding on how faith is integral to the Christian life.” He decided to share TODAY with a fellow student.

That student was from a prominent wealthy family who was very opposed to the Christian faith. However, through TODAY and the work of the Holy Spirit, this young man decided to follow Christ. Because of the faithful gifts given to support the production and worldwide distribution of TODAY, this young man’s life was transformed.

Others challenged him to give up his faith in Christ. “Why would you give up your father’s wealth for suffering and living as an infidel?” he was asked.

Bensemann reported that his friend replied, “There is no joy and satisfaction in wealth and temporary things of this world compared to the peace and satisfaction I found when I received forgiveness of sins and assurance of being a child of God.”

He was killed for that testimony.

“There may be times when TODAY may seem unfruitful and unproductive from a human point of view,” observed Bensemann, “but it is not so. Only heaven will reveal the impact for Christ.”

—Back to God Ministries International