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Frank and Abe met at a retirement home in Michigan. They were drawn together by their love for the Lord and their zeal for discussing God’s Word.

Frank, 98, says he has read every issue of TODAY since Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI) first began publishing the devotional booklet 60 years ago.

Until his wife, Cornelia, passed away in 1990, the couple treasured their daily devotional time together. One of their favorite issues of TODAY was the January 1990 issue that they read shortly before Cornelia died. It focused on the story in Genesis about how God worked through the difficulties in Joseph’s life. Frank saved this issue and reads it often for comfort.

Recently that special issue was accidentally misplaced after Frank lent it to Abe to share with another friend at the home. So Frank called the offices of BTGMI to see if he could get another copy.

BTGMI didn’t have an extra copy, but staff contacted Rev. Ken Koeman, the author of the Joseph series. Koeman had saved two copies of that issue. He gladly sent one to Frank, whom he had met while attending seminary.

So if you ever wonder what to do with old copies of TODAY/The Family Altar that you’ve saved over the years, contact Back to God Ministries International at 1-800-879-6555 or Occasionally we get requests for previous issues, and we would love to be able to share them.

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