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On this page I often encourage Banner readers to remember the ministries of the CRC’s agencies and educational institutions. I am always glad to do that because I’m so grateful for all that the Lord permits them to do throughout the world on behalf of the Christian Reformed Church.

Allow me once again to jog your memory. This time, I’d like to call your attention to the work and ministry of “denominationally related” or “affiliated” agencies.

There are countless such ministries in our communities, and many of them provide important services in the kingdom. All denominationally related ministries should feel our collective support and encouragement. I commend them to you and ask you to uphold them in your prayers.

There are two ministries I’d like to highlight this month for the important contribution they make to our life together. The first is Dynamic Youth Ministries, or DYM—our denominationally related youth ministry.

DYM includes the Cadets and GEMS ministries, as well as Youth Unlimited. It is not a denominational agency such as CRWRC or Home Missions, but it does receive significant support from congregations throughout the denomination.

DYM serves congregations with program resources, leadership training, and various conventions that parallel church ministry programs. DYM is important to the CRC because of its extensive influence on the attitudes of our youths and the ministry opportunities it encourages through service and mission involvement. We are grateful for what DYM does to enhance the CRC’s ministry to our young people.

The second ministry I’d like to highlight is Partners Worldwide. This ministry organization is unique in that it seeks to tap the expertise of Christian businesspersons and make them instruments of grace and encouragement.

As a church we have not always done well in encouraging our brothers and sisters who are engaged in the for-profit or professional world. Yet they have valuable skills and resources and much to contribute to the cause of Christ.

Partners had its beginning in CRWRC but is now a denominationally affiliated organization. Its methodology is to connect Christian businesspersons and professionals with Christians in other countries for the purpose of mutual learning and encouragement. The hope is that building one-on-one relationships will result in mentoring—and it does. There are testimonies galore of people who became a blessing and were themselves blessed by participating in Partners’ mission.

The work of Partners is a form of mission activity that proclaims in concrete ways that Jesus is the Lord of everything and that people are called to serve and love him. By sharing personal experiences and expertise, the relationship between businesspeople becomes the vehicle that conveys the presence of Christ as they help and encourage each other.

Partners welcomes the participation of anyone who desires to be engaged in this mission. We are deeply grateful for what Partners has done to enlarge the skill base of businesspersons around the world, and we’re thankful for the many ways in which this ministry has advanced the gospel.

If you are a businessperson or professional who has skills to share and the desire to encourage others, please explore how you might become a partner in this ministry.

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