Commentary: CRC Men Are Missing Out

In July I attended the National Gathering of United Methodist Men at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. I was representing the Men’s Life ministry and Faith Alive Christian Resources. I led three workshops on “Reaching Men Through Small Groups” and exhibited Faith Alive’s Discover Life Bible study materials. 

It was great being there, but as I returned I wondered, “Why isn’t this happening in the Christian Reformed Church?” Our denomination is experiencing a leadership shortage, but we don’t have a denominational men’s ministry to train and disciple men. 

I’ve been involved with ministry to men for more than 20 years. Believe me, men need a place to gather, tell their stories, and be discipled as they study God’s Word.

Did you know that the CRC, through Faith Alive Christian Resources, produces some of the best small-group Bible studies for men? Developed over the past 20 years, Discover Life Bible studies have proven highly effective. They’re used by many denominations and para-church organizations.

But something is missing: there is a real need for the CRC to minister to men in and outside our denomination. Pastors need to encourage men to get involved in meeting together to study God’s Word. Mature men need to step up and disciple other men.

David had his “mighty men of God.” For the CRC to have its mighty men of God, they must be discipled.

About the Author

Rick Kiekintveld is a pastor of youth and education for Ada Christian Reformed Church and directs the church’s men’s ministry and leads men’s small-group Bible studies. He also serves as Men’s Life representative for the CRC and Faith Alive.