Church Receives Unexpected Ministry Shares Gift

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An anonymous donor recently gave $14,000 to Hillcrest Christian Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Mich., to help meet Hillcrest’s annual ministry shares commitment to the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

“Clearly someone whom the Lord had been blessing financially decided to be generous in their year-end giving,” says Rev. Brian Bosscher, pastor of the church.

Ministry shares is an arrangement by which Christian Reformed congregations across North America contribute a per-member assessment to help fund broader ministries of the CRC. Ministry shares provide a steady stream of funding without the overhead costs associated with fund-raising campaigns.

In the past Hillcrest had always met its total ministry shares obligation. But recently that has changed with the faltering economy.

Bosscher says the special donation will not in any way lessen the church’s intentions of meeting this year’s ministry shares commitment: “This is a very thoughtful and loyal church. We want to be good and faithful stewards of our gifts. Being a part of the CRC family is central to our identity as a congregation.”

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Chris Meehan is news and media relations manager for CRC Communications, and a member of Coit Community Church.

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